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applied ambiguity

it doesn't have to make sense, just do it

A.P. Fox
20 December 1980
The short of it:
A fox. Geeky, occasionally pretentious, somewhat angstier than desired, interested in storytelling, characterization, and artificial intelligence.

The somewhat longer:

A guy who thinks he's a fox, only he doesn't really think he's a fox, just sees it as a useful metaphor for encapsulating parts of his personality, y'see?

Geeky, in a sort of professional-geek way; helps organize scifi and anime clubs and conventions and stuff. Has enough social skills to not completely condemn himself to blushing madly when confronted with the opposite sex.

Occasionally pretentious, especially in linguistic kinds of ways - fond of big words, and big ideas, even when somewhat smaller stuff will do better.

Angstier than desired, mostly as a result of going through that nasty transition from college to the Real World and using this journal as the primary site for processing all of the associated confusion.

Interested in storytelling - not writing, per se, so much as the idea of the narrative flow; the progression of idea to idea, the interrelation between characters.

Interested in characterization - the very specific details of what in a character makes it real; what makes a character more than just a vehicle of authorial intent.

Interested in artifical intelligence - especially as it pertains to game design, and to art (which are enmeshed, in many regards).

That probably isn't a great improvement on the short version, but it seems to be a start. If you want to know about me, ask!

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